Playa del Rey Traffic Lanes will be Restored

The Traffic Blues in Playa del Rey are Soon to be Over!

As reported on Curbed LA and the Argonaut… the Los Angeles city officials are reversing several of the recent lane reductions that were designed to keep people from safe from traffic collisions.  What they didn’t take into account was road rage and traffic jams from said reductions…  So, in the next few months Culver Blvd., Jefferson Blvd. and Pershing Dr. will be going back to their original designs.  

Some of the streets were taken down to one lane.  The crowning glory was on Vista del Mar where they added diagonal parking and took it down to one lane going north and south.  Luckily that has already been restored!  

For more info:

City to Restore Traffic Lanes in Playa del Rey


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