What Type of Home Fragrance do you Like?

Perfume for Your House

Recently I’ve become really intrigued with perfume…. I can’t stop watching these Youtube videos on niche, designer and celebrity scents (I know).  This has started to make me think about how I could incorporate perfume into real estate.  

One of our most amazing senses is the ability to smell.  Being surrounded by car exhaust, air conditioners, dust etc. can really change my attitude and I just love how just one spray of my favorite Gucci perfume can totally make my eyes roll back and bring back so many memories.

With all of the bleach, hand sanitizer and cleaning products being pushed… I’d love to know what your favorite home scents are that bring your homes’ chakra back?!  Candles, air fresheners, cleaning products….  tell me :)


Here are a few Marina del Rey properties that are sure to smell of sea salt:  

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