Weekend Getaways in Marina del Rey

Need to Get Away but Don’t Want to Travel?  Here are Five Awesome Places to Escape to in or really close to Marina del Rey (in no particular order):
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  1.     Ritz Carlton Pool and Day Spa:  Have a spa day in complete style!  If you book a spa treatment, you have total access to the pool area.  Start the day with a round of tennis ($25.00/per hour) then head over to the pool area for a light lunch and a dip…. then let the zen spa sessions begin.  
  2.     Cruise Invictus:  Hit the high seas in style on this beautiful vessel…. There are also several sport fishing outfitters to help you land that trophy catch or take a long cruise to help you decompress.  Fact:  there is a higher concentration of oxygen found near breaking waves.  Give your brain an oxygen facial!!
  3.     Learn to Paddleboard:  There are two great companies, located at Mother’s Beach, who are ready and waiting to indulge your needs.  ProSup Shop and The Paddle Method are pros you can trust.  paddlboardingLRG_DSC02692
  4.     Go Shopping:  Need I say more?  Waterside Shopping Center and the newly Villa Marina Marketplace over off of Maxella are great places to check out.  This probably won’t take up your whole day, but it’s definitely something to tack on to any of these other options.  
  5.     Play the Part of a Tourist:  Start the day with breakfast at Cafe Buna and then head to the end of Washington (by the Venice Pier).  Grab another cup of coffee at The Cows End Cafe and rent a bike or start your stroll on the boardwalk heading north!  Stop at Muscle Beach, lift a few weights and let the madness that is Venice Beach set in….  If you keep heading north you’ll end up in Santa Monica where there are several Perry’s Cafes on the sand.  Eventually, you’ll end up at the Santa Monica Pier which is where Route 66 ends.  Fun times and endless opportunities to pretend you’re a tourist from Ohio (if you so choose).   VEnicepier
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