Ask The Expert – Rosanna Padilla, President/Sr. Escrow Officer at Overland Avenue Escrow

Top-5-binary-options-brokers-2016The Top Five Things A Seller Should Know When Opening Escrow

Recently, we asked Rosanna Padilla of Overland Escrow, what are her top 5 things a seller should know about going into escrow…  This is great information and will make selling your home a smooth and easy process (especially if you have Rosanna on your team).  

1) Keep their mortgage payments, HOA dues, and property taxes current.
2) Try to be in town for the escrow or be accessible while on vacation.
3) Let your escrow officer know how best to communicate with them: email or hard copies for escrow docs.
4) Time is of the essence. Return their real estate paperwork and escrow documents back in a timely manner, or it could hold up the escrow.
5) Notify escrow of any vesting changes, including marital status changes.


Thank you, Rosanna!!  Look forward to working with you on the next escrow 🙂

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