The Razor Residence in La Jolla is Back up for Auction November 10th – Update: The Razor sold for $14.1 million

Possibly the Coolest House in the World?  

The incredibly lucky and savvy new owner of The Razor Residence in La Jolla is a real estate investor from Florida, with ties to the telecommunications industry (based on public info).

The Razor was purchased for $14.1 million in a short sale that was finalized on Tuesday, said agent Bob Hurwitz of the Hurwitz James Co. in Beverly Hills.

Side note:  This sale happened years ago. ^

Update 2020:  Alicia Keys is calling the Razor home!   Nice work on that purchase price, she worked out an incredible deal!!   Super talented and amazing taste in homes.  

The architect, Wallace Cunningham, considers Razor his masterpiece.  It really is a masterpiece.  Set over Blacks Beach, this mega pad is a true oasis.  I was able to show this home and it is as amazing as the pictures make it out to be.  The windows are NASA worthy on their own…  just imagine what the rest of the house is like! 

Here is a blurb that I couldn’t possibly write better myself:  The degree of imagination and thought that went into aspects of the design are almost beyond belief, from exactly what natural light passes through the property at every hour from morning to evening, to incorporating a knowledge of airflow over geometric shapes to insure there is never any wind in the courtyard area no matter how windy it may be on the bluff, to casting concrete like it had not been done before, to a list too long for me to put into this email, this home is truly one of a kind. Certainly, with today’s building restrictions nothing like it could ever possibly be built again in this location.  Click here to view the brand new set of Razor pictures……Insane.

The Following are a small sampling of some of the media on THE Razor.


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