The Pathway to Homeownership

Here’s the Pathway of what to Expect when Buying a Home:  

  1. Buyers consultation – we will discuss your wants and needs and really narrow down your search.  Connect with a lender if needed.  
  2. Search for Properties – I have a few platforms but my favorite is the MLS (and since it is essentially the source of all listings.  If you’re not finding the right one, I have several campaigns to put in place to turn up some new inventory.  I can set you up with a private website to the MLS, let me know. 
  3. Put in an Offer on a Home
  4. Open Escrow
  5. Submit the 3% deposit to Escrow
  6. Inspections – I have several good inspectors to suggest.  Typically a general and termite inspections are good to start with.
  7. Disclosures and Documents – provided by the seller and escrow.  If a condo, then HOA docs will be ordered. 
  8. Request for Repairs – you can either ask for a credit, work to be completed or…. a price reduction.  This step is a big one. 
  9. Title – investigate the title to make sure all is clear. 
  10. Loan – this process really starts while hunting for homes. 
  11. Appraisal – this is ordered by your lender and they send an appraiser out to do a price evaluation.  Depending what happens, there are options to further negotiate here. 
  12. Finalizing – wrapping up all of the loan docs, escrow docs, title docs etc.  
  13. Congrats!!  You usually fund and then record the following day (preferably Tuesday-Friday).  

Happy to answer any questions!

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