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The Mariners Village Renovation Project would renovate the apartment community and open space areas.Mariners Village

  • The project would renovate the exteriors and interiors of the 981  units, town center and other facilities on the site.
  • A 92 berth anchorage and a 110 foot long public dock would be added to the waterside.
  • The town center renovation would expand commercial space by 7,000 sq. ft. within the existing footprint.
  • The project would also renovate the infrastructure on the side and replace the existing landscaping with large amounts of drought tolerant plants and water-efficient irrigation systems.
  • ‘The renovation activities would require residential units to be sequentially vacated during work to their buildings or related infrastructure. :(
  • Parking on the site would also be increased by over 300 spaces.

Mariners Village Notice of ImprovementsThe best part of this project, in our opinion, is that it’s going to eliminate the dead-end conditions and provide a connection from Captains Row to Northwest Passage and from the town center to Old Harbor Lane.    The existing private waterfront walkway and utility road will turn into a  25 foot wide public promenade that would connect with neighboring parcels. 




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