What’s my Home Worth:  

If you’re looking to sell or move in the near future give me a call 3190-780-9396.  Otherwise, just browse through the below items for some good information: 

In today’s market there are dozens of other factors that affect both what your home will sell for today and how long it will take… although we’re sitting in a great market to get top $$$.  

Few Questions: 

  • Have you done any upgrades?
  • Is your home in better condition than those around you?
  • Are your mortgage balances close to the value of your home?
  • How long will it take to sell your home based on competing properties?

These are just a small sample of questions you should list out because you could be sitting on a higher price compared to a neighbor that recently sold.  I’ll make this fun… I promise!!

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  • lease list additional rooms and describe any special features and recent upgrades. For example: new roof, new carpet, custom kitchen cabinets, property near park, etc.
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