What’s my Home Worth:  

If you’re looking to sell, lease, buy or move in the near future give me a call/text 310-780-9396. 

In today’s market there are dozens of other factors that affect both what your home will sell for today and how long it will take… although we’re sitting in a great market to get top $$$.  

Few Questions: 

  • Have you done any upgrades?   
  • Is your home the best in the complex?  
  • Where are you moving to? 
  • What are you looking to move into (bed/bath/size)?
  • Will you miss living where you are? …. or, looking for the next dream spot asap?
  • If you’re interested in leasing your property, here are a few items I’ll be asking about:  number of beds/baths, location, upgrades, length of lease you’d like to lease it out for, furnished/unfurnished, views, pet friendly?  

Looking to Move to the Marina?  

  • Give me a ring to discuss!  So many options 🙂  310-780-9396

I’ll make this fun (and work crazy hard to help accomplish your home goals).  Talk soon!

Kirstin Willingham