Redondo Beach Kayaker Paddles and Swims with a Blue Whale ~ Love California!

The Blue Whales are Calling for Attention

Apparently this was a big blue whale season off Southern California.  

The video below, off Dana Point, let’s you see what it would be like to be up close and personal with a blue whale.   This guy on a stand-up paddleboard was just a few feet away when the big Blue saluted its broad fluke and went down.  The latest great clip, though it’s long and unedited (pay attention to the beginning and the 1:15 and 2:15 marks), was posted recently to YouTube by a user named MrRJCtube.  


Days after posting the video he shared this comment on his YouTube channel:  “I’d like to take a moment to state that I don’t recommend, endorse or in any way want to encourage anyone to try and swim with these whales. The whales are large, unpredictable animals and potentially dangerous.”

It was a treasured experience, for sure. But was it wise for him to get so close?

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