Marina del Rey’s Fisherman’s Village May be Getting a Major Facelift!!


Take a gander at what could be Fisherman’s Village future look:

Fishermans Village Proposed New Look

Rendering Courtesy of Los Angeles County

The power player’s in charge of Fisherman’s Village are contemplating a near-total rebuild. The upgrades will include  a larger retail footprint, transportation upgrades and more dock space.

As one long time Marina del Rey resident put it, ” PLEASE, PLEASE,PLEASE follow through with a major remodel. As 51 year old adult who grew up in and around Marina del Rey. This kind of project is desperately needed.  The Village and surroundind area has been an eye sore for Marina del Rey for years. Such a beautiful piece of real estate should be and could be a wonderful draw for a land mark of southern california. Thank You”  – Dave Ellias

The renderings were created by the leaseholders and aren’t part of the county’s planning process.   Pacific Ocean Mgmt. spokeswoman Pat Younis said the company is holding off on cementing a final proposal until the county has completed its community plan revisions.

“There’s been outcry to have new buildings come in while honoring the icon that Fisherman’s Village has been all these years,” said Younis. “Our goal is to proceed as quickly as possible, but we don’t want to get ahead of the visioning process. The intent at the meeting was to give an idea of what we’d like to propose.”


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