Marina del Rey Skatepark – The Dog Bowl

MDR SkateparkThis article is from the Marina del Rey Skatepark website: 

Timeline: Fall 1978 — Fall 1981

The infamous Marina Del Rey Skatepark was located near Santa Monica and Venice Beach – 12980 Culver blvd., Marina del Rey, CA

Marina Del Rey Skatepark was developed from concept by Dennis Ogden, a local surfer/skateboarder with a dream and a degree in Construction and Architecture from Santa Monica City College.

By November, 1978 the park was up and running.

The initial skating area consisted of, 3 tiled pools, a 10’ deep half pipe with a capsule  at end,  3 bowls, a 230 yard long slalom with smooth transitioned banks and a large freestyle area with gentle sloping banks.


Brad Bowman Skating the Dog Bowl

Photo: Ted Terrebonne

Marina del Rey Skate Park, photo by Kenny Omond

Marina del Rey Skate Park, photo by Kenny Omond

All common areas and terraces between the runs were finished so you could literally skate all around from the upper levels to the entrance.

The response was huge with the local skaters (Christian Hosoi), shredding along with visiting ambassadors of the sport, roller skaters and BMX’ers.

The famous punk rock band “Devo” filmed their early “Freedom of Choice” music video there.

Being close to “Hollywood” commercial film location requests was routine. TV pilots, commercials and movie segments were filmed, more contests were in the works and the place was jammed with stoked skaters. A custom sound mix was piped through the faux pool light speakers.  This was a definite golden era for skaters in the Marina.

View the Devo video on Youtube (that’s how they want it):  

jay adams marina skate park 1978

1978 — Jay Adams, Marina Del Rey Skate Park – Image by David Scott

Marina del Rey Skatepark Facebook Page

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  • Dennis

    Groovy, Nice pics too, pretty cool,

    • kirstinwillingham

      Wish I could’ve been there for its hayday! Are you THE Dennis Ogden?

  • Christian Stevens

    I was 10yo and I got to skate MDR several times. One memory is of Christion Hosoi running back into the building to ask his pops for some duct tape so he could tape the pool coping the brown bowl in the back area.

  • vic

    I was 12 years skating with Shogo, Stacy Peralta, Jay Adams and Tony Alva. GOOD TIMES there!!

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