Marina del Rey Department of Public Works Project Update

Via Marina Street Improvement Project

MDR Road Work

Luckily the Department of Public works is going to put the Via Marina project on hold due to State Gas Tax revenue.  They’re planning on resurfacing the roadway, curb, gutter, and doing sidewalk repairs.  The part I’m not liking is that they’re going to put in new landscaping in medians.  Yet to clarify what this means to the gorgeous trees that are currently calling the median home….. but all we can hope is that they don’t go anywhere!

The roadway resurfacing and median improvements will start at Panay Way and go to the end of the street it appears.

Here’s a blurb that just appeared on the DPW website:  

PROGRAM UPDATE – 5/12/15: Unfortunately, a decline in State gas tax revenue has created a funding shortfall for local improvement projects, so work on the Fiji Way Roadway Improvement Project and Via Marina Street Improvement Project have been deferred from their original schedule. Our goal is to proceed with the work on these projects once the current funding shortfall is resolved.

Here’s a pdf of the project page:  Marina del Rey Projects

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