In this Market Cute Homes are like Cute Men, they get way More Attention than they Should – Hang Tight One Will Stick! – Marina del Rey Real Estate

Being involved with writing offers for many different buyers, I’ve come to grips with the fact that not every deal will get accepted.  Inventory is low and buyers interest is high.  These ‘cute’ properties are getting multiple offers with a good majority being  cash.  Since interest rates are so incredibly low but loans being incredibly hard to get, sometimes owners go with the safe bet.  Cash.

Don’t be discouraged.  Having a solid downpayment with proof of funds and a very strong pre-approval letter will take you far!  Just be aware that if the interest in a property is over the top, you will have to come in at asking price or over asking.  So, stick with your property search because one of these homes can and will be yours.  🙂

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