Gardening in Playa Vista – Community Gardens

Want to Garden in Playa Vista?

I recently found another interesting post asking about how to get a gardening plot in Playa Vista.  There are two areas called the Celedon Gardens and Corner Green Park which have community plots available.  There is quite a waiting list… but call Centerpointe and let them know that you’d like to sign up on their waiting list for a plot.  

The CenterPointe Club – 310.437.6070

Things to Know: 

    • The basic plot size is approx 4×7 (inside)
    • You rent plots for two years at a time
    • Corner Green:

  • Celedon Garden:


After you get on the waiting list, there are several other gardening options to look into.  Check these out: 

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  • Ekaterina Ilina

    Thank you for the information !! I was passing by today and saw the plots. Could not find any clear info on how to get one !!!’n

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