FHA and VA Approved Condo Complexes

The big question is… is an FHA loan better than a normal loan?   

FHA approved condo complexes in Marina del Rey:  

VIA MARINA TAHITI – 310 Tahiti Way
VIA DOLCE – 5100 Via Dolce

Interestingly there were quite a few more approved complexes but their approval has since expired.  

2023 FHA Loan Limit in Los Angeles: 

LOS ANGELES One Unit: $1,089,300 Two Unit: $1,394,775 Three Unit: $1,685,850 Four Unit: $2,095,200 Median Price $1,120,000

VA Approved MDR Complexes: 

If these haven’t had their VA loan approval status expire… these would be the complexes in Marina del Rey that have approval.  

4 QUARTERDECK ST – 4 Quarterdeck St.
ELEMENT LOFTS – 4141 Glencoe Ave.
LATITUDE 33 – Via Dolce & Washington 
THE LOFTS ON BEACH – 13326 Beach Ave
VIA DOLCE HOMEOWNERS ASSOC – 5100 Via Dolce and 306 Bora Bora Way
VILLA BEAULIEU – 132141 Fiji Way
VILLA IMPERIA – 4720 La Villa Marina
VILLA MARINA EAST IV – 13078 Mindanao Way
VILLA RAPALLO – 4711 La Villa Marina
VILLA VALLARTA – Mindanao, Glencoe, Alla Rd.
VILLA VELLETRI – Glencoe, Maxella, Redwood, Mindanao
WESTEND – 4215 Glencoe Ave. 

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