Fantastic Article to Read! “Four Questions to Stop Asking Yourself”

This article really struck a cord with me and I thought I’d share 🙂  I can’t post the whole article (copy-write rules are not to be messed with) but there is a link at the bottom to finish it up on the Forbes website:

Four Questions You Should Immediately Stop Asking Yourself

Ryan Avery is one of the most profound keynote speakers on strategic communication, negotiation and leadership.

Big dreams. Solid goals. A vision for the future. Many of us hit the first few months of the year with high hopes and big ideas for breakthrough results. The one piece that historically sabotages our forward trajectory, however, is the conversations we have with ourselves.

I’m a man of big dreams with a solid “can-do” attitude. Yet, despite having every reason in the world to feel on top of the world, there are times when I struggle with self-doubt and that nagging “imposter” feeling that plagues so many people. I can get overwhelmed when confronted by a wide spectrum of options and can find myself sometimes shutting down rather than powering up to meet the challenge.

So, how do we interrupt the struggle? How do we get to the place of feeling more genuine and authentic in our purpose and actions and less plagued by self-defeating thoughts of “not good enough?”

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