Do You Sleep HOT? Here’s What Worked for Me!

I’ve been a hot sleeper for a long time… well, since memory foam mattresses were the new staple.  I have finally arrived at my solution(s).  

Here’s what really worked and I truly did the research on this stuff (btw try and shop these on sale when you can!):

Wool mattress topper:  MAJOR!  This and the wool duvet insert are really key.  Wool is naturally crimped and provides airflow… when you put that between your body and a mattress, it helps prevent heat from trapping.  

Wool duvet insert:  MAJOR!  This is what I think really helped me.  My down comforter and poly fill ones made me feel hot then cold and clammy… tried my linen duvet without an insert and then a few more cotton blanket layers but it didn’t work.  This wool comforter is just thick enough that I’ll be able to use it all year long (maybe not for a few of the summer months).  It’s breathable but warm and when paired with a cotton/natural duvet it’s amazing.  

Percale Duvet Cover:  Go to Tuesday Morning and see if you can score a Sferra set.  That’s what I found and it’s pretty dang nice.  Otherwise, I’m going to put my Rough Linen one on there.  Use the duvet cover as your topsheet… really uncomplicates sleeping and making your bed.  

Linen Pillowcases:  I really like Ikea’s set and have a pair from Rough Linen too.  I’m still investigating this but Costco had a set of Silk Pillows a few months ago and they’re great but I didn’t really notice much of difference one way or the other.  I do like that they’re allergy approved (even thought I don’t have any allergies lol). 

Mattress:  Not sure if this helped as much as the above but I switched from an all memory foam mattress to a hybrid mattress by Sealy called The Cocoon.  This isn’t the cooling mattress they have but it was available online from Costco and at an incredible price (delivered).  

Conclusion: If you just start with the mattress pad and comforter I think it will make a world of a difference.  It’s truly amazing to finally have a set up I look forward to diving into every night.   

Will post pictures soon!!

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