Cool App Alert – “On Second Thought” – Recall a Text Before it’s Sent!


Ever wish you didn’t just send that text?  Maybe you have a typo or your point came across a bit harsh?  I’ve been in that bus quite a few times and was talking with a friend about how cool it would be to delete a text (sent post haste)… well, help already exists:

From the “On Second Thought” App Site:

Cover artOn Second Thought is here to help you fix them. Take control over your communication with the first messaging app that lets you recall text messages BEFORE they get to the recipient’s phone.

How does it work? Send your messages through our app. If you see a mistake before it’s delivered, swipe left or right to recall, and the recipient will never know you tried to send them a message. Know you’re going to be out for the night, and might have a few too many drinks? Set the Curfew, and your messages will be embargoed until the next morning. When the curfew expires, you can decide which messages you actually want to send.

Whether it was an accidental click or auto-correct made you look like a jerk, it happens and On Second Thought has you covered when it does.

+ Send/Receive SMS and MMS Messages
+ SMS Recall/Undo
+ MMS Recall/Undo
+ Contacts integration from other messaging platforms and services
+ Curfew

Let me know what you think if you download the app!  I’ve been using it for the last week and really like it (it’s free too).  It takes all of your current texts and imports then into the app so you don’t miss a beat.  Enjoy!

Curious how to delay or undo an email?  Check here

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