The Best Dog Friendly Complexes in Marina del Rey

Pup Friendly Complexes

Some of these have large private patios, dedicated dog runs and are located close to a park or long walking path.  It’s really important to be comfortable and these complexes have good dog attitudes and amenities.  Here are a few of my favorite dog approved condo complexes to search through: 

Del Rey Terrace – 4060 Glencoe –  This is a smaller complex in the heart of the Lofts District.  It has killer landscaping and feels really lush with the open air hallways (very Mediterranean).  It features a lot of great amenities including an onsite dog run… which is rare among condo complexes in the marina.  You’ll have to walk a few blocks to get to a park but it’s an entertaining walk.  

Villa Velletri – Located at the Glencoe/Maxella intersection.  The properties that live in this complex are three story townhomes (with private garages) with really nicely sized private patios.  The patios are located off of the living room/main entrance area.  Villa Velletri is a gated complex with a really good amount of guest parking and has well maintained grounds with long meandering walking paths.  This complex (if you can even call it a complex… more like golf course homes) are about a 5 minute walk to Glen Alla Park. 


Villa Vallarta – Located at the Mindanao/Alla intersection.  This is a very similar complex to Villa Velletri.   I would say it’s the equivalent to a family member that’s in town from the East Coast.  It’s made up of three story town-homes with private garages.  This complex is so special because it is considered an arbour sanctuary because of all of the trees within and is truly landcaped to the nines.  I would say it’s a very quiet place to call home.  Located directly across the street from Glen Alla Park… see below.  


Villa Marina East IV – Large townhomes with private patios.  Two minute walk to Glen Alla Park.  

La Villa Marina Townhomes – Located off of La Villa Marina (across from Cedars).  Townhomes with private patios, huge garages and close to nice walking paths.  

Marina Pointe – Large dog runs and located directly next to the Admiralty bike path.  

Video coming soon.


There are several other really dog friendly complexes throughout the marina… these are just the ones that stick out as dog friendly to their owners too!  Let me know if you have any questions!


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