Adding Another Story to Your Home? Do this!

What Would Your View Look Like if You Added Another Story?

Recently, a client asked what I thought about adding another story to their home and if they would get an ocean view.  Solution to this?  …. Hire a drone operator!

Venice Drones was able to come out to the property and flew their drone to the height of the proposed second story and then at the potential roof deck level.  Views from the second story didn’t offer much of a view… but the roof deck was where it was at.  Now, they’re going to build out an incredible roof deck and not install decks on the 2nd floor.   

Interested in doing the same?  Contact:  Venice Drones and get it going.  

Here’s a recent video they did for the new Trader Joe’s that’s coming to town:  

new Trader Joe’s in Marina Del Rey from Russell Spurlock on Vimeo.

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