Selling Your Marina del Rey Home

Here’s the good news: buyers are buying … and investors are investing!

There are two things you must have to sell your Marina del Rey home quickly: broad Internet exposure and an asking price that’s ahead of the market. Here’s why…

You need broad Internet exposure to sell your home quickly because, today, almost all homebuyers (93%) begin their home search on the Internet. This is especially true for the Los Angeles market, which is composed mostly of second- and third-home buyers (55%). Since some of these folks live out of town, out of state and out of the country, a 2″ x 2″ photo buried in the local paper is not going to get them calling to view your home. Neither will the same little photo in the free real estate magazines that fill restaurant and grocery store racks.

And because of the ease with which sophisticated buyers, especially, can search the Web and see a variety of photos plus 360-degree virtual tours, even your home’s photo in a slick high-end magazine is a waste of marketing money. Instead, I put your home’s professionally shot photos and virtual tour all over the Internet’s top real estate search sites. Also, your home has feature status right here on this very site, which has been professionally designed and optimized for the search engines to attract buyers and investors the world over and get results.

To sell your home quickly, you also need an asking price that is ahead of the market. What do I mean by “ahead of the market”? Suppose your price is $550,000, but comparable homes that have recently sold and ones currently on the market are priced in the $485 to $499 range.

At $550, some buyers won’t even bother to look at your home when they have so many others to choose from that are priced in keeping with the current market. And agents won’t waste their clients’ time by showing them homes that are overpriced. It’s a simple fact: the more showings your home gets, the more likely you are to get an offer, even multiple offers. So…

Bring buyers in with a competitive price, because when they see the price, they will run to the opportunity. Then, let the buyers compete against each other to buy your home! You could end up getting more than you ask.

But even if it’s just one offer and it’s 15% below your asking price, SO WHAT? It’s an offer. The negotiating power is now in your court. Once you have an offer on the table, I WILL negotiate it up!

So, let’s get your home sale started. Just call me at 310-780-9396 or email me. I always answer my phone unless I’m with a client. And if I am, I’ll get back with you sooner rather than later. This you can count on.

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