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In case you missed it, one of the worlds most expensive private yachts was ported Marina del rey!

Serene, believed to be one of the most technically advanced superyachts ever constructed,  is owned by Yuri Shefler, the CEO of Moscow based Soyuzplod Import.  The company is apparently the largest exporter of Russian vodka in the world.

The Serene first arrived at the Port of Los Angeles in San Pedro, where it docked at the cruise terminal for several days.  We were the welcome port to the mega yacht ‘Serene’ where she was seen from the beach off of the Peninsula or while strolling on the Venice Pier. 

  • She features 2 helipads, a hangar, seven decks, an “escape” submarine that can dive up to 100 meters deep, and a saltwater pool/toy dock are among her highlights, as are more than 48,400 square feet of alfresco and interior relaxation space.

All of  us gawkers will marvel at her onboard helicopter, upper deck 50-foot pool and lounges, bars and spas. It quickly became clear that the superyacht, with all its pomp, was the object of unsatisfied curiosity.

We will find out if the megayacht hosted the Los Angeles Oscars party this weekend. Yacht operators refused to allow reporters to even approach the boat, let alone ask why it was there. But its massive size and apparent luxury has garnered media attention on its travels around the world.

According to Forbes magazine, Shefler’s net worth was $850 million in 2004. He was 39th on the magazine’s list of the richest Russians.

The video in the top right corner was shot in February 2012 by Tom Hoeck

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